Measurement and Verification

Energy Audits and Control to Lower Costs

Arkados’ services group works with customers to design and implement the most energy- and cost-efficient solutions for systems within a building that consume large amounts of energy. Energy solutions include LED lighting, solar, boiler, combined heat and power systems, as well as measurement and verification. Our energy efficient products and services are designed for commercial and industrial building and property owners throughout the northeastern United States.

Arkados’ customers are provided with energy efficiency assessments, conservation and retrofit solutions – adding another layer of value that will ultimately enhance efficiency and lower cost for the customer.

Our mission is to show facilities in a new “energy efficient” light by freeing businesses of excessive energy costs with the added benefit of a positive environmental impact.

Did you know that the EPA estimates American businesses can reduce, on average, 30% of their energy use by targeting energy that is used unnecessarily or inefficiently?

Once an energy efficiency audit is completed, we make an attempt to not only replace equipment with high efficiency equipment but also consider the implementation of a building automation and control package to ensure equipment is running properly and efficiently at all times.

Energy Audits: Designed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

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ASHRAE Level I – Walk-through AnalysisLevel I audits include the preliminary energy use analysis described above, but also includes a site visit by an engineer and a report detailing low-cost/no-cost measures and potential capital improvements for further study. An ASHRAE Level I audit also satisfies one of the pre-requisite requirements for the USGBC’s LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance.

ASHRAE Level II – Energy Survey and AnalysisLevel II audits include the preliminary energy use analysis and ASHRAE Level I analysis, but also includes more detailed energy calculations and financial analysis of proposed energy efficiency measures. The financial analysis or Life Cycle Analysis allows the facility owner to truly understand the financial benefits of installing energy efficient measures. An ASHRAE Level II audit can also earn additional points for LEED for Existing Buildings.

ASHRAE Level III – Detailed Analysis of Capital-Intensive ModificationsLevel III audits further expand from the previous levels of effort and are based on the facility representative’s selection of measures to analyze further. This may include further refinement of an energy model or more extensive data collection.