Management Team

Terrence DeFranco - Chief Executive Officer

Terrence DeFranco is Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Arkados Group, Inc. Mr. DeFranco is also the Managing Member of OneSource Advisors, a corporate consulting firm focused on providing strategic advisory services to boards of directors of public companies and Chairman and founder of Edentify, Inc., an identity management software company.  Previously, Mr. DeFranco was Chairman and CEO of Titan International Partners, a merchant banking and research firm focused on providing corporate and strategic advisory services and equity and debt financing to small-cap and middle market companies.

His background is primarily in the area of corporate finance, management and capital raising, previously serving as head of investment banking for Baird, Patrick & Co., Inc., a 70-year old NYSE Member firm and head of investment banking and founding partner of Burlington Securities Corp., a New York based investment banking and institutional equity trading firm.

Mr. DeFranco began his career on Wall Street in 1991 with PaineWebber, Inc., now UBS PaineWebber. Mr. DeFranco has been an active principal investor, senior manager and advisor to many early-stage companies and has extensive experience in dealing with issues related to the management, operations and corporate development of startup and middle market public and private companies.  Mr. DeFranco is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BA in Economics and currently serves on other corporate and non-profit boards and committees.

Dmitry Grinberg - VP, Software Development

Dmitry Grinberg is VP, Software Development for Arkados Group, Inc.  From 1997 to the present, Mr. Grinberg has been owner of Dynamo Development, Inc., a custom software development company.  Since 2001, Dynamo has focused primarily on mid-size and start-up companies to develop technology solutions to help clients expand, provide a competitive edge and improve their efficiency.  From 1997 to 2001, Dynamo focused on integration, messaging, frameworks, reusable components and similar type of projects, including the development of its own shrink-wrapped product Dynamo MQ/X – the product was a transactional bridge between IBM MQ Series messaging product and Microsoft SQL Server to enable bi-directional transactional data flow.

After Mr. Grinberg graduated from Kiev State University with a BS in Math and Teaching, he started work as mainframe developer for state civic engineering research company.  He worked as C++ developer producing commercial product – ground-breaking 32bit 3-D CAD for HVAC industry running on MS DOS and successfully participated in Windows NT projects at Digital Equipment Corporation, Bankers Trust, McDonalds, Montgomery Ward, Deutsche Bank and Prudential.

Kuan-Ting (Tim) Lai - VP, Technology

Kuan-Ting (Tim) Lai currently serves as VP of Technology for Arkados, Inc.  Kuan-Ting is a computer vision researcher with product management experience in Taiwanese ODM companies. His research focuses on machine learning algorithms for large-scale video event detection and human action recognition. During 2012-2013, Kuan-Ting visited Columbia University in New York City and participated in several important projects. He co-developed a video event detection system with IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, and built a graph-based system for brain signal image search in a subproject of DARPA. He proposed several machine learning algorithms that can automatically learn key evidences that could be used to recognize video events. The research results have been published on top conferences such as CVPR and ECCV.

Before pursuing PhD degree, Kuan-Ting started his career in Quanta Computer as a video processing ASIC designer and participated in the development of a H.264 video encoding IC certified by Skype. He also led a team and implemented the hardware architecture of Haar-like face detection. Later he joined Chinatech as product manager and was in charge of managing OEM products’ life cycle as well as seeking new international business in United States and China. He has developed an advanced Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) for Battery Management System (BMS) of Apple’s iPhone 5. The new architecture of ATE software doubles the original test capacity.

Dr. Eric Petajan

Dr. Eric Petajan has been an R&D leader and inventor in computer vision, graphics/animation, and video compression for decades. Eric is currently a Director at DirecTV since the recent acquisition of LiveClips where he was Chief Scientist and VP of Technology. Prior to joining LiveClips Eric was the CTO for VectorMAX Corporation and an external consultant for ab initio software. Eric joined VectorMAX via the acquisition of face2face animation, where he was Chief Scientist and Founder. Prior to founding face2face in 2000 as a Lucent Technologies venture, Eric was a Bell Labs researcher and supervisor from 1984-2000. His developments in the areas of facial motion capture, high-definition video coding, and interactive graphics systems are widely recognized. Eric was the chairman of the MPEG-4 Face and Body Animation (FBA) group, and was a leader in the development of HDTV technology and standards that led to the formation of the U.S. HDTV Grand Alliance. Eric received a PhD in Electrical Engineering in 1984 and an MS in Physics from the University of Illinois, where he created the first automatic lip-reading system