Smart Building and Smart Factory


Designed with customer in mind, we utilize a combination of our solutions and those currently available from our partners, including  PEMS and LinqUSP software solutions and gateways, sensors and cameras, etc. to increase machine, building, and factory capabilities and reduce cost.

Advances in technology applied to legacy building automation systems represent the Smart Building and Factory of today. As the Internet of Things proliferates, its impact on building automation is profound and it is ushering in a new paradigm that includes the following benefits:

1.) Adaptability: Buildings and Factories are long term assets whose systems must survive the test of time. Technology is advancing so quickly that systems must be built to address obsolescence very easily;

2.) Uniqueness: Buildings and Factories are unique in nature and are much like snowflakes in that no two are the same. Systems must be able to address specific needs of specific facilities and their stakeholders; and

3.) Integration: The Internet of Things is largely about connectivity and data. A true Smart Facility is not simply one that uses energy efficiently and has some cool technology, but one that can also integrate with the environment around it, consume and apply intelligence from external data sources such as social media and neighboring buildings and emit intelligence of its own to external stakeholders such as maintenance, fire and safety resources, etc. Buildings in particular, must be a piece of a much larger ecosystem and a valuable partner in fostering a true smart city environment.


Automation, sensory and control, energy management and conservation, wellness tracking and more.

Arkados' advanced technologies and systems work to gather, share and act upon data in order to increase energy efficiency, drive comfort and convenience, augment security and manageability.

By using existing powerline electrical cables already ubiquitous in most buildings, Arkados can drastically reduce the cost of Smart Building installation and offer a more secure and stable smart solution for building and property owners.  Our PEMS solution for data gathering and storage is capable of working across platforms, so it is feasibly for us to incorporate an existing system into our overall solution.  LinqUSP-enabled devices are built with a command and control capability that allows for easy connection to the network and the generation of alerts in the event of an unusual or abnormal occurrence, such as a power outage, a damaged device, a drastic rise or fall in temperature or humidity or a water leakage.  Also it’s built on a framework to allow for the implementation of demand response protocol and easy implementation with existing building management systems.

In addition, we provide planning, supply, implementation and support of energy efficient services such as LED lighting, HVAC, boiler conversions for commercial, industrial and multi-dwelling residential environments. These services combined with our software solutions work to further reduce cost and increase profitability for our customers.

Arkados’ PEMS Smart Factory solution is a ground-breaking technology for gathering critical data in real-time across multiple platforms.  As an electronic device is manufactured, PEMS gathers data either from output of a machine or through human data input.  In addition, sensors and cameras gather other external data, such as temperature, humidity and dust, as well as date and time at each station.  Each finished product will have a unique set of data associated with it and this data is stored in the cloud for later retrieval throughout the entire lifecycle of the product.

Arkados’ Smart Factory solution is scalable to virtually any size and can accommodate nearly any type of manufacturing environment.  The system is also constructed in such a way as to accommodate the submission of data from multiple stakeholders, such as suppliers and distributors.  In the aggregate, the intelligence gathered from this data is tremendously valuable in increasing efficiencies of process, increasing the quality of products, reducing the costs associated with returned merchandise, and aiding in supply chain management and logistics.

Smart Factory

The combination of our proprietary PEMS with a production test suite of systems and series of gateways, sensors and other devices (servers and workstations) can gather, store and analyze device-specific and environmental QA-related data during the manufacturing process.

The Smart Factory data that we gather is essential in increasing efficiency and productivity as well as supporting the device throughout its lifecycle.