Smart Manufacturing

Scalable to virtually any size and can accommodate nearly any type of manufacturing environment.

Smart Manufacturing combines our proprietary software with a production test suite of systems used during the manufacture of electronic devices as well as series of gateways, sensors and other devices (servers and workstations) to gather, store and analyze device-specific and environmental QA-related data from various stations on the production line.  This data is essential in increasing efficiency and productivity as well as supporting the device throughout its lifecycle.

Smart Factory


How It Works

Arkados’ proprietary Process and Event Management Solution (“PEMS”) leverages the Arktic™ platform to gather critical data on an electronic device as it is manufactured in real-time across multiple platforms – either from output of a machine or through human data input.

 In addition, sensors and cameras gather other external data, such as temperature, humidity and dust, as well as date and time at each station.  Each finished product will have a unique set of data associated with it and this data is stored in the cloud for later retrieval throughout the entire lifecycle of the product.

Value Proposition

Reduce Costs

By reducing costs associated with returned merchandise

Increase Product Quality

By identifying faults within the manufacturing process.

Improve Supply Chain & Logistics

By accommodating data from multiple stakeholders.

Preserve Resources

Optimize facility usage and quality through energy efficiency initiatives.